Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology

In the forefront of the fight against COVID-19

State-of-Art Uni-flow Modular Lab with Pass boxes

  • Integrated Donning and Doffing areas
  • Extraction Rooms
  • Pre-PCR Room
  • Mastermix Room
  • Template-Addition Room
  • PCR rooms




  • Tests include HIV, HCV, HBV and COVID-19 testing.


GeneXpert has strengthened the capabilities for testing

  • Critical Infectious Diseases like Flu, MTB/RIF, Ebola, Strp A;
  • Sexual Health related tests which include TV, HPV, CT/NG, GBS
  • Healthcare Associated Infections – C. difficale, MRSA/SA, etc.
  • Virology tests including HIV/HCV/HBV
  • Oncology tests like BCR-ABL, Bladder Cancer Detection, Breast Cancer STRAT4 and many more upto 28 types of tests.

Molecular Biology
Molecular Biology
Molecular Biology