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About Us


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TRUSTlab is a State-of-the-Art Central Clinical Reference and Genomics Research Laboratory based at Hyderabad. Built on the rich experiences in international and national business domains, TRUSTlab has young and dynamic leaders at the helm. Combining latest technologies and best global practices, TRUSTlab will be creating a Centre of Excellence. This would be a grand hub of very specialized tests and a conglomeration of advanced Genomics applications in Diagnostics. The vision is to embrace Artificial Intelligence into the matrix of complex analytics and provide the most accurate reports, be it in OncoGenomics or Histopathology and many more disciplines.

Our Milestones

  • State-of-Art National Reference Laboratory inauguration, Equipment Testing, Calibrations, & Results Validations.
  • Welcome to Vijayawada and Nizamabad regional labs!
Jan ‘21

  • April 14, 2021 – The Golden Date - Formal Launch Of Commercial operations!
  • COVID-19 RT-PCR testing approval from ICMR approval
  • NABL accreditation for Molecular Biology.
  • Biochemistry and Mol Bio testing launched.
Apr ‘21

  • 100 Network Partners
  • Microbiology, Serology, and Haematology departments launched
Jun ‘21

  • Started Flow Cytometry, Prenatal Screening, Newborn Screening, Histopathology, Cytogenetics – Karyotyping/FISH, Bacteriology
Sept ‘21

  • NABL accreditation to Biochemistry, Haematology, Molecular Biology, Serology, Microbiology, Clinical Pathology.
  • Successfully audited twice for NABL in a year.
  • Team of 100 self-driven professionals
  • Welcome to Bihar regional labs!
Oct ‘21

  • Crossed 300+ Network Partners
  • Phlebo Network launched in 5 cities
  • Welcome to Bengaluru Lab!
Jan ‘22

  • Over 3.5Lacs tests were conducted for 2Lacs customers.
  • One year of successful operations, and 10 functional departments.
  • Welcome to Aurangabad Lab!
Apr ‘22

Our Team




Mr. Venkata Suman Cherukuri

Chairman & Managing Director


Mr. Bapineedu Tummala



Our Doctors

Dr. Srinivas Vudathal

Dr. Srinivas Vudathala

Chief Operations Officer


Dr. Nina Dutta Roy

Lab Director


Dr. Sukesh Kumar B.Y.

QA, MD Microbiology


Dr. Swaroop N. Shashidhar

MD Pathology


Dr. Lakshmi Bai

MD Pathology


Dr. Sadiya Shahanaz

MD Microbiology


Dr. Sreevani

MD Pathology


Dr. E Ranjitha

MD Pathology

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